Terms of Agreement

Services provided by our company

Foreign exchange, precious metal contracts and index of difference contracts (hereinafter collectively referred to as "contracts") provided by our company The nature of the transaction service is "execution only".

All contracts, regardless of sale, are between you and our company, and each is the main transaction. You shall be directly responsible in your own name, and shall fulfill your obligations according to each exchange between our company, whether you are directly the subject of the transaction or through a broker or as a broker of another person. You must compensate us for any liabilities, losses, and any expenses directly or indirectly arising from your failure to perform the obligation.

All contracts and instructions you publish for access to services must comply with these terms. These terms do not include the terms you wish to introduce based on contracts, contract confirmations or similar documents. The services provided by our company may be services from third parties, including those provided by our agents.

These services may include margin trading, and you need to deposit the required cash to ensure the fulfillment of contractual obligations. You need to understand and agree that all transactions must be conducted in accordance with real-time market standards. It should be pointed out that market standards usually include the situation of expanding rights when emergency and other special circumstances occur, you need to understand this.

For reasonable reasons, our company will change or suspend all services at any time. Before the above operation, if we can contact you, our company will inform you in advance. In the case of not being able to inform you, our company reserves the right to assume no responsibility. Arrangement for execution of trading services only

Please note that our company will not make recommendations on the advantages of specific transactions. When you issue a transaction on a contract When instructing, our company reasonably believes that you do not expect to receive such advice, and that you are trading on an "execution only" basis. At the same time, our company will not give you any trading recommendations, suggestions and instructions during the communication process.

Margin arrangement

Customers need to pay the following funds of our company as required:

Our company requires you to deposit a certain amount of funds for initial margin and change margin.

According to the contract, our company will ask you as the customer ’s performance guarantee every other period of time Amount of funds. In the process of dealing with our company, unless otherwise agreed, you must deposit the money before conducting the contract transaction. When the contract you hold encounters a reversal in market conditions, you must pay sufficient margin to cover the possible loss of the contract based on real-time market quotes. Our company will be the final basis for the current market value and the amount of additional margin, and there must be no disputes. A notice of margin increase or margin increase will be sent to you by any available method (phone, fax, or email). If it is communicated by e-mail, it will be sent to the e-mail address you specified. In this case, our company will no longer confirm by telephone, fax or letter, unless there are abnormal circumstances, our company has the absolute discretion to deal with it.

Please note that our company refuses any deposits paid by third parties, and at the same time our company refuses to transfer or withdraw customers. The funds are transferred to the account of the third party.

If the client fails to provide sufficient margin, deposit or other corresponding collateral to maintain the client ’s open position contract, Our company reserves the right to close part or all of your open positions without prior notice in order to avoid customers facing greater losses.

Fee and Commission

Before you participate in any contract transaction, our company will reach a consensus with you on the amount of commission and list it in the right On the bill. The commission rate shall be the commission rate set at the time. The commission received may be revised from time to time without prior notice. Our company may have soft commission agreement arrangement. Our company will make it effective according to market rules, depending on its commercial efficiency.


Any deposits or margins operating in our bank account are not subject to interest. In addition, depending on the nature of your positions, related contracts and contract interest rates, the corresponding financial expenses may be deducted from your account or paid to your account. When you hold an open contract, our company will calculate the interest on the funds involved in investing in its basic products, and notify you by email of the relevant interest rate. When you hold an open position, interest will be calculated and rolled over daily.


Our company does not provide valet trading services, any third-party individuals or institutions provide trading strategy services and proxy The losses caused by the customer trading service are not related to GMEX Markets, and our company does not assume any responsibility for this. At the same time, our company prohibits any customer service personnel from providing orders (trading strategy) and valet trading services for customers. No responsibility is assumed for this. If it is not due to our negligence or intentional violation or our company has caused you losses in the process of performing our responsibilities under the agreement, you have no right to demand compensation from our company or any of our associates or employees.

Authorization and other communications

Unless you specifically instruct our company, our company will have the right to trust or claim to reasonably Any individual or person believed to be your agent, authorized person or person authorized by you in other ways, gives or claims to be given instructions, requests, and notices (whether by mail or any form of communication) Act accordingly. Our company has absolute discretion and does not need to explain it to you. It can refuse anything that our company thinks is not feasible, or violates the laws, regulations, supervision or the terms of this agreement, or is issued by your agent but our company thinks it has exceeded In accordance with the instructions of its authority, act accordingly.

Our company will prompt you from time to time for additional trading procedures, but it should not be regarded as this agreement Part one.

For any reason, you cannot keep in touch with our company at any time, our company will not be responsible for any Actions, mistakes, delays, or negligence prevent you from starting a transaction and you are liable for loss, damage, or cost. Will not be responsible for any loss, damage or cost caused by any action, mistake, delay or negligence that prevents you from ending a transaction; Instructions.

You confirm and agree to bear the risk for any instructions issued by you or in your name. You also authorize our company to trust and act accordingly to any instructions that our company sincerely believes to be issued by you or your agent in your name, or our company sincerely believes that an intermediary duly authorized for you Be granted full power and legally binding.

You agree to record all call records as proof of possible disputes.

Change terms

The terms and conditions of this agreement may be changed at any time, and our company will notify you of the change by email Details. These changes will take effect at least 10 days after our company informs you. The effective date will be specifically stated in the notice. These changes will not affect the original legal rights and obligations between our company and you.

Illegal Arbitrage Transaction Processing Policy

In order to ensure the standardization of transactions in the global foreign exchange market, all accounts identified by our company as unconventional transactions (including the use of quotations For transmission delays such as arbitrage and arbitrage, etc.), our company has the right to unilaterally terminate the agreement and deal with unconventional trading account holders (including but not limited to blacklisting, etc.). The account holder will not be liable for the losses caused thereby.

Stop and limit orders and slippage risk

Our company has absolute discretion to accept your instructions ("stop loss" or "limit price" instructions) to Start or end any contract if the quotation of the relevant product or (in some cases) the market price of its related asset has reached or exceeded the level you set. You can set the instruction to apply only for a certain period or no period (that is, the "effective until cancelled" instruction). If our company accepts your stop loss or limit order, when the quotation of the relevant product or (in some cases) the market price of its related assets has reached or exceeded the level set by your stop loss or limit order , Subject to the conditions described in this paragraph, your stop loss or limit order will be automatically executed at the set level.

You should understand that the market price changes rapidly. When your order is in the process of execution, our quotation may have already Exceeds the set price of your previous stop loss or limit order, so before this happens, you can get our quotation or related after obtaining our prior consent (our company will not disagree without reason) At any time before the market price reaches the level you set, cancel or modify the level of the stop loss or limit order indication. However, you cannot cancel or modify the order price once the price is set by Yida. If you give a stop loss or limit order, when it is executed, it will end all or part of some contracts you hold, but after you reach the level set by the stop loss or limit order, you will instruct separately Our company closes all or part of the contract; if you do not want the stop loss or limit order to continue to be valid, you are responsible for canceling it yourself. If you have closed the contract without canceling the stop loss or limit order, when our quotation or (in some cases) the relevant market quotation reaches or exceeds the level set by the stop loss or limit order At the time, our company will have the absolute discretion to regard the stop loss or limit order as an instruction to start a new contract.

Pending orders (including buying pending orders and selling pending orders) and pre-orders due to the instantaneous rapid and large fluctuations in the market Our company assumes no responsibility for trading risks where stop loss and profit order orders cannot be triggered at absolutely accurate points.